Off Your Map: don’t let coastal wetlands be wiped off the map

The Mediterranean sea is the largest enclosed sea in the world with 46,000 km of coastline. It includes a mosaic of coastal wetlands of high ecological value that are critical in the life of millions of people living there thanks to the vital services they provide.

Unfortunately, wetlands in the Mediterranean region are declining fast and losing their functions and services due to climate change and human activities such agriculture, urbanisation, infrastructure development and tourism.


Today, a consortium of 11 international organisations joined the campaign and launched “Off Your Map”, in order to deepen the understanding of coastal wetlands to ensure a more effective conservation of these habitats. The campaign aims to improve the understanding of coastal wetlands’ characteristics; to boost the recognition of coastal wetlands’ benefits (economic, social, cultural and environmental), and of the threats affecting them; and to influence key policy processes in favour of the effective sustainable use, integrated management and conservation of coastal wetlands at national and regional levels.



Through the key message “Life Begins In Wetlands”, the campaign focuses on the critical role played by coastal wetlands in ensuring the livelihoods of millions of people living in these areas, and also in protecting their homes by reducing disaster risks such as flooding and storms. Coastal wetlands are nature based solutions, as they improve water quality and are a source of fresh water. Wetlands are also an important destination for tourism, which generates incomes for local economies. They also provide suitable habitat for diverse native plants and animals, many of which are endangered.

Together we can turn the tide for Mediterranean Coastal Wetlands. Don’t let them be wiped off the map!


Off Your Map is a collaboration between the following partners, with the funding and support of the MAVA Foundation.




Off Your Map will be attending the Ramsar COP



The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands organizes the thirteenth session of its Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP 13) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 20 to 29 October 2018, with a focus on the theme “Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future”, which highlights the important role played by wetlands in making cities livable. The conference brings together representatives of the member governments to the Convention ( presently 170), a large number of international and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as experts on wetlands-related issues.


For those who will attend the COP13 in Dubai, you are most welcome to join us on 24 October 2018 (18:15 – 19:30 Room 5B) for our side event ‘’ Enhancing the Conservation of Mediterranean Coastal Wetlands’’ where you find information aboutthe campaign objectives and the progress of the pilot projects.


You can also visit our booth located on booth 5-6 of the Mediterranean region, from 22 to 29 October.


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The Mediterranean presence at Ramsar COP13.




Renaudin Maïlis, Off Your Map Campaign Coordinator