MedWet Strategic Planning Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia

MedWet has organized an important strategic planning workshop bringing together the members of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (MedWet/Com) on 2-3 November in Ljubljana (Slovenia), in order to reflect collectively on the next steps for the future of this Ramsar Regional Initiative. Twenty-one persons were present representing 12 member countries, NGOs and associated research centers.


              MedWet Strategic Planning Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia


The main objective of the workshop was to answer this question: is an organization such as MedWet, as a regional network of governmental and non-governmental members and experts, still required in order to improve the conservation and wise use of Mediterranean wetlands, and, if so, how to go about this?

This seminar aimed at four explicit results:

  1. a list of specific objectives that MedWet must achieve;
  2. a list of the main elements of the MedWet work plan 2018-2021, with realistic objectives and concrete cooperation projects;
  3. a proposal for the governance structure of the regional initiative; and
  4. fundraising guidelines to identify new sources of adequate and realistic funding.

Through these four axes of work, the participants were able to discuss the specificity and the added value that MedWet can bring to the Mediterranean countries for the conservation and wise use of their wetlands.

Special attention was paid to organizing an operational working team and to the recruitment of a new MedWet Coordinator.

You can consult the report of the Strategic Planning Meeting here:


The MedWet Steering Group

MedWet also took advantage of this meeting to hold the 16th meeting of its Steering Group, which  allowed the Steering Group to work in accordance with the recommendations of this workshop.

A report of the activities of the Secretariat since the last meeting in March 2017 was presented at the beginning of the session.

The meeting provided the Steering Group with an opportunity to discuss budgetary issues, with an update of the 2017 budget and the presentation of a 2018 estimated budget, and to establish a 2018 work plan.

You can find the relevant documents and minutes of the meeting here:



MedWet Secretariat