The Mediterranean Wetlands presence at the 10th INTECOL: International Wetlands Conference.


The 10th International Wetlands Conference (INTECOL) will take place at Changshu, China, from 19 to 24 September. The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) was established in 1967, and specialist groups were established in various areas of ecology.

The Wetlands Working Group (WWG) was formed at the International Congress of Ecology in Jerusalem, 1978, to encourage research, information sharing and scientific exchanges within the general area of wetland sciences. The major function of the WWG has been to organize an international meeting every 4 years, and to join the main body of INTECOL at larger meetings in between. There have been nine highly successful WWG international conferences around the world, and the 10th will take place in Changshu, China, September 19-24, 2016.

This important conference series provides invaluable networking opportunities with key decision makers throughout the globe. Over the past three decades, the INTECOL International Wetlands Conference has grown its attendance to 2,068 (in 2000) of the world’s leading wetland scientists and managers, making it one of the largest wetlands conferences in the world.

The 2016 edition will provide a platform on review advances in research on wetland biodiversity and ecosystem management as well as the functional roles of wetlands in wastewater treatment, ecosystem services and wise use. The conference program will include various symposiums, workshops and open sessions related to the conference theme, plus a one-day mid-conference excursion. The Conference will host almost 50 activities that include symposiums, workshops, presentations and different excursions to Chinese wetlands, such as Shajiabang National Wetland Park or Changshu National Urban Wetland Park.


logotexte-MWOtourduvalatThe Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) (Tour du Valat/ MedWet) will be represented by Dr Patrick Grillas, who participates to 3 workshops on:

1.State of the World’s Wetlands (Session 18) – 15.00-17.00 – Tues 20th September; convened by Randy Milton and Max Finlayson

16.00-16.20 : Drivers of change and impacts on Mediterranean wetlands.

Authors: Grillas P., Chazée L., Galewski T., Geijzendorffer I., Guelmami A. & Perennou C.

2. Wetland classification (Session 31) – 9.00-12.00 – Weds 21st September; convened by Philippe Gerbeaux and Randy Milton

11.00-11.20: Current directions in wetland classification in Mediterranean wetlands.

Authors: Grillas P.,  Guelmami A., Perennou C., Galewski T. & Sandoz A.

3.Wetland assessment – 15.00-17.00 –  Weds 21st September, convened by Nick Davidson and Roy Gardner

15.20-15.40: Assessing the state of Mediterranean wetlands: methods and results, the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory

Grillas P.,  Perennou C., Geijzendorffer I., Galewski T., Chazée L., Sandoz A. & Guelmami A.


Shangu National Urban Wetland Park. Photo credit: INTECOL.

Shangu National Urban Wetland Park. Photo credit: INTECOL.


The 10th INTECOL Conference is hosted by Wetlands International, INTECOL, the China Compliance Office for International Wetland Convention (CCOIWC), the Nanjing University Ecological Research Institute of Changshu (NJUecoRICH), the Ecological SOciety of China, and the Government of Changsu. The conference is supported by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the UNESCO-MAB Programme, UNEP-IEMP, the MSTP-WPCT, the Wetland Conservation Association of China, the Society of Wetland Scientists, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the SEE Foundation.


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