Future conservation champions – Student’s Day at IUCN Congress

bando2From 1 to 10 September, Hawaii hosts the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC), the world’s largest conservation event. Held every four years, the WCC brings together leaders from all around the world: governments, NGOs, public sector, business, etc., to discuss and propose solutions to environmental protection and development challenges.

See our focus on Mediterranean and wetlands presence at WWC here.


One of the future challenges the WCC seeks to address is the involvement of youth since young people represent the future of the planet. To celebrate Student’s Youth Day, the WCC includes dozens of events and a high-level session  on “Conservation 2.0: Empowering Next Generations” (for more information, click here).

This high-level session taking place on 3 September, has two main objectives: to showcase inspiring stories of outstanding individuals from different generations, regions and sectors; and to provide a shared platform for discussion on the theme of youth engagement.

In honour of International Youth Day, IUCN also launched the “Conservation for Kids” initiative with its Goodwill Ambassador, Alison Sudol. As the actress and musician strongly affirms: It’s about focusing on the extraordinary opportunity we have in this moment to do something truly great and inspire younger generations through education, hands-on experience, storytelling, art and nurturing their powerful natural instincts.

 Other campaigns promoting this IUCN commitment are the “Environmental leaders without borders” network, the “Young voices calling for change” and the “Design Thinking Activity”, hosted by the First Lady of the State of Hawaii, Mrs Dawn Ige, entitled “Empowering youth at the IUCN World Conservation Congress”.


IUCN World Conservation Congress







The Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet), as a Regional Initiative of the Ramsar Convention for Wetlands whose Secretariat is hosted by IUCN, supports the WCC and is also contributing to the IUCN’s campaign #NatureForAll with its #WetlandsForAll campaign (for more information, click here). With this initiative, MedWet seeks to combine the importance of wetlands around the Mediterranean with the visions people have about them.


To celebrate International Youth Day, MedWet has also launched a series of articles, appearing every week, about young conservationists and their work on Mediterranean wetlands.

Read about the Young Conservationists work in wetlands:


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Wetlands Campaign for the IUCN Congress

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Call for articles on Young and Conservation in Mediterranean Wetlands

Are you a young researcher working on wetlands in the Mediterranean region?

Do you want to give more visibility to your work and your structure?

You can download our interview (link to the Word document) and send it back with some photos of your work, to info@medwet.org

We will be glad to publish it on our website!

Let the world know there is a generation who can really change it!