A new geological era: the Anthropocene

We have entered a new geological era: the Anthropocene

The 35th International Geological Congress confirms that the Earth has entered a new geological era: the Anthropocene. This scientific conclusion has the support of 35 of the best specialists in the world, after voting at the Congress held in South Africa on 15 August – 4 September 2016. The causes for having entered a new geological era are the gas emissions originated in human activities, the pollution with plastics and micro-plastics, the industrial effluents, the acidification of the oceans, and the massive loss of biodiversity caused by the Homo sapiens.




Politicians and the industry should be aware that the scientific support for this decision – and the name of Anthropocene constitutes a strong argument to encourage countries, business and citizens to adopt costly measures in the short term. As it happened with the climategate, sceptical people (and vested interests) will use all sort of arguments to oppose this conclusion and vision. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, science will prevail. It could be in the short run, or it may take long — as it happened with the Catholic Church that took four centuries to recognize that Galileo was right! Surely, we do not have all that time. Let’s hope that humanity will react soon and make of the Anthropocene a lasting new Era for our planet, marked not by the negative impacts of our specie but for our capacity to take wise decisions for the common good.

Delmar Blasco, MedWet Coordinator

This news is based in an article by Javier Sampredo, published in the Spanish newspaper El País on 9 September 2016.