Steering Group meeting of the MedWet Civil Society project

During the meeting.

The members of the Steering Group in the meeting room

The Steering Group of the MAVA-funded project “Wetlands sentinels” (also known as the MedWet Civil Society Project) met in Tunisia on 24-25 February to review progress and future activities. The project benefits 18 NGOs (six in Algeria, six in Morocco and six in Tunisia) that are working in wetland conservation and management. The project includes an important capacity building component.

Attending the Steering Group were the Ramsar Administrative Authorities of Algeria and Tunisia (Morocco was unable to attend), Wetlands International, the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory, MedWet and WWF Tunisia Office, manager of the project.

During the field trip in the Ramsar site Sebhket Soliman

During the field trip in the Ramsar site Sebhket Soliman

Among other things, it was decided that a representative of each national group of NGOs will be invited to attend future meetings of the Steering Group, so as to hear directly from them about the performance of the project. It was also agreed that creating a project section in the MedWet web site constitute a priority, not only to provide information on the activities carried out but also to make available all the materials that have been provided in the several training sessions that have taken place.

The Steering Group visited the Ramsar Site of Soliman, were one of the participating NGOs is successfully applying the training provided to encourage local involvement in the management of the wetland.

>> Watch the video – A short message by the MedWet Coordinator, Mr. Delmar Blasco, about the progress of the project during the field visit.