MedWet on mission in Corsica to assist in the formulation of the Mediterranean Youth Parliament.

At the invitation of his Corsican partners: Environment Office of Corsica (OEC), the Regional Directorate of Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL) and the Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Environment Bastia (CAUE-B), the MedWet Coordinator and the Senior Advisor held meetings on 14 and 15 October 2015 in Corte and Bastia.

MedWet meeting Corsica Oct 15 (3)The purpose of these meetings was to refine the formulation of the draft project of the MedWet Mediterranean Youth Parliament whose objectives were defined on the one hand, to contribute to the conservation and wise use of wetlands within the frame of integrated water resources management in the Mediterranean, and also of the strengthening of decentralized cooperation through intercultural exchange and technology transfer.

MedWet meeting Corsica Oct 15 (2)Discussions between the meeting participants converged on the adoption of a gradual and realistic work methodology mainly through the involvement of the Mediterranean countries already engaged in the environmental education process that has been facilitated by MedWet in the recent years. This enabled young French (Corsica), Moroccans (Kenitra) and Greeks students (Aigina) to become familiar with their roles as ambassadors for the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands in the Mediterranean.

MedWet meeting Corsica Oct 15 (1)At the end of the meetings, the delegation of Corsicans partners and MedWet visited the Urbino Lagoon Ramsar site to meet with local fishermen, those who welcomed the MedWet/Com delegates in 2010.





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Nejib Benessaiah, MedWet Senior Advisor

Photos credit Nejib Benessaiah