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Logo Les Amis de la Tour du Valat-AnFor the 60th Anniversary of the Tour du Valat organisation in July 2014, the association Friends of Tour du Valat has been created with the ambition to bring together and animate the network of people who share the values, philosophy and the meaning of the action of Tour du Valat, whose mission is:

“to halt the loss and the degradation of Mediterranean wetlands and of their natural resources, and to restore them”

There is a real community scattered around the world (former employees, trainees, researchers, public or private partner organizations, etc.) and the association aims to reconnect as many of its member by creating conditions for exchange and sharing. Friends, great relay, will also support the activity of Tour du Valat and promote its work with key audiences.

The ambition of the Friends of Tour du Valat association was reaffirmed on its annual General Meeting on June 28, 2015. The members had an update of the achievements of the association for its first year and adapted the roadmap of the association according to the priorities.

Friends of TdV general assembly june 2015

Friends of Tour du Valat general assembly, june 2015.

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