The Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (MedWet/Com) meetings during Ramsar COP12

The Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (MedWet/Com) has met, as it’s customary, during the Ramsar COP in Uruguay.

In this occasion there was two meetings, as follows:

  • First meeting: Monday 1 June from 18.15 to 19.30 at Room Rio de Janeiro A at the Conference Centre.
  • Second meeting: Thursday 4 June from 8.00 to 9.30, at the Mediterranean Agora.

Annotated provisional agenda including available documents (click for download)

Opening of the meeting by the Chair (France)

  1. Adoption of the agenda (Doc MWC/Info 1)
  2. Presentation of the new MedWet graphic identity (Doc MWC/Info 2)
  3. Report of the MedWet Coordinator and report of the Coordinator of the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (Doc MWC/Info 3)
  4. Work Plan 2015 (Doc MWC-Info 4)
  5. Presentation of the MedWet budget 2015 and prospects for 2016/2017 (Doc MWC/Info 5)
  6. Introduction of the draft MedWet Action Plan 2016-2030 “Wetlands for sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region” and MWO proposed action plan 2016-2021 (Doc MWC-Info 6) and (Doc MWC-Info 7)
  7. Introduction of the concepts of MedWet Ambassadors and Mediterranean Youth Parliament (Doc MWC-Info 8)
  8. Next regular meeting of the MedWet/Com (MedWet/Com 12) (Doc MWC/Info 9)
  9. Follow-up meeting(s) of the MedWet/Com during the Ramsar COP12
  10. Any other businesses

The MedWet/Com meeting was followed by the formal opening of the Mediterranean Agora at 19.30, followed by a dinner offered by the MedWet Secretariat at the Agora.