State of the World’s Wetlands, a Ramsar Briefing note

State of world wetland publi enRamsar Briefing Note 7, the “State of the World’s Wetlands and their Services to People: A compilation of recent analyses,” is now available online in English, French and Spanish, and contains significant Mediterranean components.

The Briefing Note provides an overview of selected aspects of the status and trends of wetlands and the loss of ecosystem services drawn from recently published analyses, as a contribution towards assessing the effectiveness of the Ramsar Convention. The negative trends shown by recent studies should serve as a call to all those involved to avoid further wetland loss and degradation and to strengthen wetland assessment, monitoring and restoration.

The Briefing Note (English, French and Spanish versions) is available:

In English click here

In French click here

In Spanish click here

Photo credit: Sarek National Park in Sweden by Andreas Raukas, one of the finalist of the World Wetlands Day 2015 Youth picture contest