The MedWet Coordinator visits its new French focal point

Delmar Blasco visited the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy for a first meeting with the new MedWet Focal Point in the French Government and Chair of the MedWet Steering Group, Ms Ghislaine Ferrère, in the Direction of Water and Biodiversity.

In the there-hours long meeting Ms Ferrère and Delmar Blasco reviewed the recent developments in the MedWet Secretariat and discussed Blasco’s proposals for the future of MedWet, including his intention to try to engage the French Government to support an important initiative for Mediterranean wetlands, if possible in cooperation with the other MedWet countries members of the European Union and with the support of the European Commission.

Discussions between Ms Ferrère and Delmar Blasco will continue on the occasion of the Ramsar European Regional Meeting to be held in Austria on 20-24 October.