Salutations from the MedWet Coordinator

Happy 2014/1435 Eid Al-Fitr; ‘Id as-Saghir;  Fitër Bajrami; Ramazanski bajram; Ramazan Bayram; Ramazanski bajram; Рамазан Бајрам; Μπαϊράμι, Ramazanski Bajram; Ramazan Bayramı.

Dear colleagues of the Muslim Faith in the Mediterranean,

I take this opportunity to send my sincere wishes of happiness and wellbeing to the Muslim community all around the Mediterranean when you are celebrating the end of Ramadan, with the sense of generosity and gratitude that colours these festivities.

I am perfectly aware that MedWet is a non-political, non-religious undertaken, but since religions have had and are still having such a powerful presence in the Mediterranean cultures, I will making a point of sending my best wishes on the occasion on the main festivities observed by the three religions of the Book, namely (in chronological order this year) Eid Al-Firt for Muslims, Yom Kippur for Jewishs and Christmas for Christians (in different dates).

MedWet is fundamentally about conserving wetlands, but we have accepted that culture is an important part of this endeavour, and, in turn, religion is a significant component of culture, all over the world. In addition, I am persuaded that MedWet, while concentrating on it is Mission, can also contribute to a better understanding of Mediterranean people, in many aspects so close together and in same aspects so far apart.

Again, I send my best and sincere wishes, on this occasion, to the Mediterranean Muslim community.

With warm regards,

Delmar Blasco