IUCN Open call for civil society projects in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia: Submit your project!


The call for projects of the IUCN-Med “Small-Scale Initiatives Programme for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa” (PPI-OSCAN) will soon be issued in September. Addressed to Civil Society Organizations of Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, this initiative aims to finance two-year innovative projects (2014-2016) in the field of biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and climate change adaptation. As the whole Mediterranean region, these countries face severe environmental threats like tourism intensification and population growth, which may lead to an over-exploitation of natural resources, in addition with the global change effects. IUCN-Med believes that good solutions can only emerge from collaboration between all stakeholders, including the effective involvement of civil society organizations. The youth, enthusiasm and motivation of North African NGOs represent a real potential that needs support to achieve more effective initiatives.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the technical, financial and administrative capacities of the emerging NGOs from the four countries to implement sustainable measures in the above mentioned fields.

Around ten projects will be selected in each country, beneficiating of a financial support ranging from 10 000 to 30 000 Euros. The project is jointly funded by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) and the MAVA Foundation.

Documents to download are now available HERE and more information on how to submit the project proposals will be provided by the national Coordinators in Tunisia and in Libya. Kick-off meetings of this Programme are still to be organized in Morocco and in Algeria during September.
The period for the reception of Projects shall commence the 29th of September and will close the 28th of November 2014.

MedWet, as a recipient of MAVA funds is expected to cooperate with IUCN-Med in the implementation of this Project, as it is the case with other MAVA-funded projects in the region.

The Concept Notes for the project proposals shall be sent by e-mail to the following address: ppioscan@iucn.org