Staff news at the MedWet Secretariat

The MedWet Coordinator, Delmar Blasco, has great pleasure in announcing that Mr Nejib Benessaiah has accepted a contract with the MedWet Secretariat as Senior Advisor. He will work for MedWet 50% of his time and based in Athens.

He will,  inter alia, advise the Coordinator in providing guidance and support to the MedWet/Com members, in particular those from North Africa and the Middle East; represent MedWet upon request of the Coordinator in relevant meetings; assist the Coordinator to provide guidance and support at the request of the MedWet countries for the implementation of the MedWet activities; assist in developing and maintaining cooperation with relevant Mediterranean actors, in particular national NGOs and other MedWet partners and facilitate the cooperation with the partners of the MedWet Scientific & Technical Network; provide advice and guidance to the MedWet Secretariat staff and consultants in the operational implementation of activities and projects; and assist in identifying opportunities for project development and participate in the preparation of project concepts and proposals.

Concerning the post of Communications Officer, interviews will be held on 3 July 2014 after a very careful scrutiny of the 70 applications received.

Interviews for the post of Executive Assistance will be held on 4 July 2014. It is hoped that the two successful candidates would be in a position to take up their duties very soon after the interviews.