The MedWet Secretariat is moving to the Camargue in France

Flamengo flight, Gediz Delta, Turkey. Photo by Selim Erdogan

Flamengo flight, Gediz Delta, Turkey. Photo by Selim Erdogan

The MedWet Secretariat has been hosted in Athens, Greece since 2001 and has, throughout this 12 year period, been supported financially by a generous contribution given by the Greek government. The financial crisis affected this contribution and so in February 2013 all the members of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (MedWet/Com) were invited to provide support to the MedWet Secretariat. In June 2013, the Ramsar Secretariat received an offer from France to host the MedWet secretariat for the next triennium. After careful analysis the MedWet Steering Group, transmitted its conclusion to the MedWet/Com which, in November 2013, the officially accepted the offer.

The start of the New Year will find the MedWet Secretariat in the Camargue, France’s first Ramsar Site. This will provide MedWet with a unique opportunity to reinforce cooperation with the neighboring Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) and the Tour du Valat research centre for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands. This is hoped to facilitate the exchange of information and expertise, in particular for the further development of the MWO, and enable each party to engage in shared activities and achieve more for Mediterranean wetlands.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution that Greece has provided for many years to the MedWet and we hope that the move to France will provide the momentum needed to achieve MedWet’s mission and to efficiently and productively work towards the wise use of Mediterranean wetlands.

Following the decision taken on Agenda Item 8 (Doc MWC11.07) during the 11th meeting of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee in Bucharest, Romania on 5th July 2011, an announcement for the recruitment of the MedWet coordinator has been made by the Ramsar Secretariat. (See the following link)