“Crafted by time”, a documentary about Prespa by Vangelis Efthymiou, screened in the 15th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

With the documentary “Crafted by Time”, director Vangelis Efthymiou transports us to the magical world of the Prespa Lakes. The film’s underwater protagonists are the 23 unique fish species found in Prespa, one of the less well-known, though highly important, aspects of the area’s natural wealth, and a primary reason why Prespa is classified as one of the ten most important wetlands in the Mediterranean. On dry land, the film stars the local fishermen and their traditional customs and practices, the lakeside tales passed down from father to son, and the problems they face in today’s economic climate.

“Crafted by Time” has been chosen as one of 58 Greek films to be shown at the 15th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival – Images of the 21st Century. The premiere of the documentary took place on Saturday 16th March 2013 at 13:00 in the Olympion Hall, and it received a second showing on Sunday 17th March at 15:15 in the Tonia Marketatki Hall. The Festival runs from 15th to 24th March 2013.

The documentary was produced as part of the LIFE+ Information & Communication (2010-2013) project “Fish, Fisheries and European Policy in the Prespa Basin,” which aims to inform the public and raise awareness about issues connected with the rare fish species and fisheries of Prespa.

Your guided tour around the magical world of Prespa awaits you.

You can see the trailer for the documentary here.

Source: Society for the Protection of Prespa