Contribute to the conservation of the Azores Bullfinch by supporting the work of Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds

The Azores bullfinch or Priolo is an endemic species of the island of Sao Miguel, which was facing extinction recently – only 300 birds existed some years ago.  An exceptional team has been working for the last 10 years to achieve great results concerning the conservation of the Priolo, the laurel forest and the control of alien invasive species in the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores.

Crowdfunding and the platform Indiegogo are a new way to raise money to put into action projects , appealing to the charitable nature of those who wish to contribute. Donations can range from US$5 to US$2500, and each will receive a symbolic reward, from a simple and grateful message of thank you to a stay and visit to the Lands of Azores Bullfinch. If you want to learn more about the campaign, to actively contribute to the conservation of the Azores Bullfinch (or Priolo) and to help SPEA continue its important hands on work in Sao Miguel then click on their indiegogo campaign.