TWINMED: Twinning of MedWet with SPNL and RSCN for capacity building

Sites Lebanon, Jordan
Duration  Starting Date: JAN 2007
 End Date: DEC 2007
 Duration in months: 12
Co-financing Agency European Commission – DG Environment (
Lead Partner SPNL – Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (
Partners – The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature – Jordan (,                                                                    
  – MedWet Secretariat (
Budget  54.522 €Co-financing Agency/ Institution: 48.877 €  (89,65%) 
  Partners:5.645 € (10,35%) 
Category Capacity building
ObjectivesIncreasing the knowledge base of Mediterranean NGOs, while enhancing the effectiveness of their collaborations with multiple stakeholders and authorities is of outmost importance for conserving the environmental heritage of the region. In order to address this need, the project’s main objective is to create twinning partnerships between an EU-based mentoring NGO (MedWet) and 2 NGOs from non-EU Mediterranean countries (SPNL from Lebanon and RSCN from Jordan). Through these twinning partnerships, the goal of the project is to transfer expertise from MedWet towards the targeted NGOs, for enhancing their capacity and effectiveness in conservation. Transferring knowledge in the scope of EU policies and directives and the MedWet Initiative will be an objective extended to other recipients as well, through SPNL and RSCN in their respective countries. This project seeks to also serve as a platform of successful collaboration between the three NGOs and serve as a base from which future collaborations in projects can be pursued.
Anticipated Results– The twinning process will transfer valuable expertise from MedWet to SPNL and RSCN, effectively addressing their needs in capacity building.                                                                      
– Extensive collaboration will occur between the three NGOs throughout the project’s duration, with twinning workshops occurring at both SPNL and RSCN. Acquired expertise will be disseminated to all staff members of SPNL and RSCN.                  
– Translated and printed manuals will be available for use at the Twinning Workshops, but will also be disseminated on-line and in print to key stakeholders.                                                           
– Project information will be available to the local, national and international communities;                                                         
– The project will serve as a platform for additional collaborations between the partners in the future.
Actions / Activities– In order to achieve the objectives of the project for the transferring of expertise, a twinning agreement between MedWet and each of the targeted NGOs, SPNL and RSCN, will be signed at the beginning of the project                                                        
– Two Twinning Workshops will be hosted, one by each target NGO, which MedWet experts will organize in order to administer sessions on the following select capacity building themes: environmental policy promotion in the framework of a) collaborating with ministries, b) collaborating with local people, c) involving stakeholders with a participatory approach, d) using digital technology, e) considering socio-economic issues in site management, f) operating in the framework of EU policies and directives. The themes targeted will be administered using examples from wetland management.                                        
– Additional means of ensuring the effective transfer of expertise include: a) internal dissemination of workshop information within NGOs, b) on-line posting of twinning work on all 3 partners’ websites; c) selection, translation, printing, and dissemination of key manuals into Arabic; d) press releases about the project.
Reporting / MeetingsREPORTING                                                                             
– 2 Evaluation Reports                                         
– 1 Final technical implementation report and financial statement of project expenditures to the EC                       MEETINGS                                                                                
– Twinning workshop at SPNL:  6-7/12/2007                                  
– Twinning workshop at RSCN: 3-4/12/2007
Remarks Photo credit: The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature – Jordan (RSCN)