SUDOE: Inventory, assesment and monitoring for wetland management


Lagoas do Planalto Superior da Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Reserva Natural do Paul de Arzila, Portugal

Zona de Protecção Especial da Lagoa de Albufeira, Portugal

Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado/ Portugal

Reserva Natural das Lagoas de Santo André e Sancha, Portugal

Reserva Natural de Castro Marim e Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal

Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, Portugal

Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, Espanha

Reserva Natural de Albufera de Adra, Espanha

Laguna de la Lengua, Espanha

Laguna de la Anguila, Espanha

Reserva Natural de Laguna de Zoñar, Espanha

Laguna de la Caldera, Espanha

Marjal de Gandia, Espanha

Reserva Natural de S’Albufereta,  Espanha

Parque Natural das Salinas D’Eivissa e Formentera, Espanha


Starting Date: JAN 2003
End date: DEC 2004
Duration in months: 24
Co-financing  AgencyEuropean Community – INTERREG III-B Southwest of Europe
Lead implementing agencyManagement Authority for the European Community Program INTERREG III-B Southwest EuropeContact Person: Mr Maximino Valle Garmendia


Name: Instituto da Conservação da Natureza


Contact Person: Mr João Carlos Farinha

Partner 2

Name: Direcção Regional de Ambiente

da Região Autónoma dos Açores

Contact Person: Mr Eduardo Carqueijeiro

Partner 3 

Name: Consejería de Medio Ambiente

unta de Andalucia

Country: Spain

Contact Person: José Manuel Moreira Madueño

Partner 4

Name: Universidade Politécnica de Valência

Escola Politécnica Superior de Gandia

Country: Spain

Contact Person: Ms Maria Jose Viñals

Partner 5

Name: Ayuntamiento de Gandia

Country: Spain

Contact Person: Joan Francesc Peris

Partner 6

Name: Conselleria de Medi Ambient – Govern des Illes Balears

Contact Person: Catalina Massutí Jaume

Associate I: Unidade de Coordenação MedWet

Contact Person: Mr Spyros Kouvelis

Country: Greece

Associate II: Fondation Sansouire

Station Biologique da Tour du Valat

Country: France

Contact Person: Mr Pere Tomas Vives

Budget696.064 €Co-financing Agency/ Institution:508.548 €73,06%
Lead implementing agency:187.516€26,94%

* To provide the SUDOE region with a tool for the elaboration of management and monitoring plans for wetlands

* To bring up-to-date the MedWet inventory methodology for wetlands, specially in what regards their management and wise use, including legal, socioeconomic and cultural aspects and tools for  wetland assessment and monitoring associated to a Geographical Information System (GIS)

* To promote the flow of knowledge and experience between each SUDOE region, specially those developed under the MedWet initiative, considering common methodologies

* To contribute for the conservation, management and wise use of wetlands included in Nature 2000 Sites, through the implementation of the improved MedWet inventory methodology

* To promote public awareness and participation and contribute to the institutional development of each partner through exchange of information and communication of results

* To promote the natural and cultural values of the SUDOE Region near the other Mediterranean partners (MedWet, Ramsar, Natura 2000)


Anticipated results

* Report of the analysis over the existing methodologies for wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring

* Set of new datasheets to add to the MedWet Inventory methodology

* Revised Habitat Description System

* Manual guide to the improved MedWet inventory methodology

* Glossary of terms related to wetland ecosystems

* Cartographic conventions and data management with a GIS

* Database for the improved MedWet inventory methodology

* Contribution for the management plans of 16 pilot sites

* 2 seminars

* 3 training courses

* 1 leaflet introducing to the MedWet SUDOE project

* Internet website

* 4 working meetings.

Actions / Activities

* To develop and bring up-to-date de MedWet inventory methodologies considering the manager’s point of view

* To develop tools of data management – database

* To develop management plans implementing the improved    MedWet methodology in pilot sites

* To exchange information

* To promote the project final results and products

* To coordinate the project

Reporting/ Meetings

July          2003: Meeting in Castro Marim, Portugal

October    2003: Meeting in Castro Marim, Portugal

December 2003: 1st Meeting of the Standing Committee, Santo André, Portugal

June          2004: 1st progress report

October     2004: 2nd progress report

December  2004: Final meeting

December  2004: Final report

TimetableA reprogramming proposal of the project is being prepared, with timetables upto June 2005