Restoration and Conservation of the Kalohori Lagoon

SitesKalohori lagoon, Greece
Starting Date: JULY 2001
End Date: MAY 2003
Duration in months: 22
Financing Agency

Development Agency of Thessaloniki (ANETH), Greece

Contact Person: Mr George Petrides


Lead implementing agency

Greek Biotope / Wetland Centre (EKBY)

Country: Greece

Contact Person: Mr Manolis Anastasiadis




Financing Agency/ Institution:




* Restoration of the degraded wetland functions

* Public awareness of the wetland values/ Concensus of stakeholders to restoration actions

* Contribution to the sustainable management of the site”


* Evaluation of wetland functions

* Proposal for restoration actions/ specifications of the proposed actions

Actions / Activities

* Collection of existing data/ Hydrological and soil surveys

* Evaluation of the performed wetland functions

* Development of proposals for the restoration of the wetland in concertation with local stakeholders

Reporting / Meetings

December 2002: 1st Technical report (Studies)

December 2002: 1st Technical Committee meeting

January  2003: 2nd Technical Committee meeting

February 2003: 3rd Technical Committee meeting

March  2003: 4th Technical Committee meeting

April 2003: 5th Technical Committee meeting

May 2003: 2nd Technical report (Technical description of the proposed restoration measures)

June         2003: 6th Technical Committee meeting