Inventory of wetlands in Albania

SitesNationwide Wetlands, Albania
Starting Date: JAN 2001
End Date: FEBRUARY 2004
Duration in months: 37
Financing Agency

Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, Greece
Contact Person: Ms Maria Peppa


Lead implementing agency

Greek Biotope / Wetland Centre (EKBY)

Country: Greece
Contact Person: Ms Eleni Fitoka


Partner 1                                                                      Name:  Enviromental Center for Technology and Administration (ECAT), Tirana

Country: Albania

Contact Person: Ms Marieta Mima


Budget138,518€Financing Agency/ Institution:135,518€100%

* To apply the MedWet Inventory Method in Albania and to produce the first wetland inventory in the country

* To develop innovative techniques in wetland inventorying using sattelite image processing



*First inventory of wetlands in Albania – filled in MedWet database and digital map

* First inventory of wetlands in Albania – MedWet trilingual publication (Albanian, Eglish, Greek)

* Raised awareness for wetland conservation among bodies in Albania

* Capacity building of ECAT personnel

Actions / Activities

* Processing of sattelite images, wetland identification and classification

* Literature review, field work, filling in of MedWet data sheets

* Development of the MedWet database in Albanian and application in Albania

* Electronic storage of data and information in MedWet database, processing and evaluation, final publication

Reporting / Meetings01-2002