Doiran Lake

SitesLake Doiran, Greece and the FYR of Macedonia
Starting Date: JUNE 2003
End Date: MAY 2005
Duration in months: 24
Co-financing Agency Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DAC, Greece
Contact Person: Mr G. Filippaios
Lead implementing agency

Greek Biotope / Wetland Centre

Country: Greece
Contact Person: Ms Vasiliki Tsiaoussi

PartnersPartner 1                                                                           
Name: Society for the inveestigation and conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development of natural exosystems (BIOECO), FYR of Macedonia                       
Contact Person: Svetozar Petkovski
Budget106,666€Co-financing Agency/ Institution:80,000€75%
Lead implementing agency:26,666€25%

* To strengthen cooperation between Greece and the FYR of Macedonia  for the restoration of Lake Doiran


* Operation of the Doiran joint committee

* Advancement of current knowledge on the lake

* Proposal of a framework of actions for the conservation  and sustainable use

Actions / Activities

* Joint report on the current situation of lake Doiran

* Evaluation of functions and values in lake Doiran

* Proposal of management measures

* Interpretation plan to the lake area

Reporting / Meetings



RemarksThe effort for the conservation of lake Dojran was enhanced following the first meeting of the Dojran joint committee (Greece and FYRof Macedonia) held in December 2001 under the aegis of the Ramsar Bureau/ MedWet Coordination Unit. The Unit continues to support the Doiran joint committee.