Nejib Benessaiah

MedWet Coordinator

Nejib was trained in Paris and Montpellier as an architect and urban planner. Since 1986, he is collaborating with the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements-Habitat in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa as a Chief Technical Advisor.

He is involved in MedWet since 1996, particularly in MedWet2 project socio-economic issues, and is the author of the MedWet book entitled Mediterranean Wetlands: Socio-economic Aspects, published in 1998 by DG XI, European Commission for the Ramsar Convention.

He assisted the MedWet Coordination in the preparation of all the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee meetings held since now, and was specifically in charge of the organisation of MedCom3 at Djerba, Tunisia.

On August 2001 he was appointed by the Ramsar Convention Bureau as Policy Advisor of the new Coordination Unit established in Athens. Among his main activities, he is in charge of launching and facilitating the establishment of the North African Wetlands Network with the participation of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

In January 2011 he was appointed Coordinator of the MedWet Initiative for the period 2011-2012.

He speaks Arabic, French, Greek and English. He is married and has two daughters.