Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual L T Costa, J C Farinha, N Hecker, P Tomàs Vives

Brief Description

Reliable knowledge is the basic resource on which all decisions concerning the conservation and wise use of Mediterranean wetlands should be made. Information about these wetlands is required for such essential actions as effective planning, management, training education and public awareness programmes. The gathering harmonisation and dissemination of information is therefore needed at local, national and international levels. For this reason, one of the first projects in the first phase of the MedWet Initiative was designed to assist the collection of information about Mediterranean wetlands. This volume compiles methodologies designed to meet the need for inventorying wetlands in the Mediterranean. They reflect diversity of needs and resources available in the countries around the Mediterranean and were designed to be broad enough for application throughout the region while flexible enough for application to different needs.

Reference: L T Costa, J C Farinha, N Hecker, P Tomàs Vives (1996) Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual. MedWet / Instituto da Conservação da Natureza / Wetlands International publication. Volume I

ISBN 972-8083 -72 -6

Languages: English, French