Drana Lagoon


SitesDrana lagoon, Greece
Starting Date: MAY 2002,
End Date: SEPTEMBER 2003
Duration in months: 17
Financing AgencyFANEE-Evros Development Agency, Greece
Contact Person: Ms Sonia Tsilia
Lead implementing agencyGreek Biotope / Wetland Centre (EKBY)
Country:  Greece
Contact Person: Ms Sotiria Katsavouni
Budget27,870€Financing Agency/ Institution:27,870€100%
Objectives* To propose the appropriate interventions for the restoration of Drana lagoon
Results* Proposals of appropriate interventions for the restoration of the Drana lagoon
* Technical description of the proposed interventions
* Establisment of a monitoring network regarding qualitative and quantitative parameters of water in the lagoon”
Actions / Activities* Communication with the local authorities
* Evaluation of previous and current conditions of the lagoon
* Establishment of the hydraulic model of Drana lagoon
Drana lagoon / Greece
Remarks* This project was a contribution to the LIFE project “Restoration conservation and management of Drana lagoon in Evros Delta”
* The ANEE-Evros Development Agency was the beneficiary of the project
* EKBY’s work was the subject of sub-contract with OIKOS Ltd
* The LIFE project provides for the construction works for the restoration of the lagoon.