New MedWet tools for inventorying, monitoring and assessment of wetlands now online

The MedWet Web Information System (MedWet/WIS) is now o­nline offering access to the newly updated MedWet tools for inventory, assessment and monitoring of wetlands. The MedWet/WIS has been designed to support the effort of Mediterranean countries towards the creation of a common knowledge base for  Mediterranean wetlands. The system offers stakeholders from a variety of bodies including policy makers, wetland managers and researchers access to information o­n the location, ecological characteristics and socio-economic importance of wetland ecosystems. By offering differentiated degree of access rights to different user groups the system ensures regulated use of data o­n wetlands while the system ensures safe exchange of information through the MedWet Data Protocol.
The MedWet Web Information System has been developed in the framework of the MedWet CODDE project co-funded by the INTERREG III C Sud Programme.
To use the MedWet WIS simply visit this address

Updated on 12/5/2008 11:15:02 AM.