‘Crimson Wings – Mystery of the flamingoes’ book on the film now out in France

A book containing spectacular photos from the shooting of the film Crimson Wings – Mystery of the flamingoes is now available in France.  A symbol for the conservation of wetlands, flamingoes travel to Eastern Africa every year where they form immense colonies in which they parade, mate and reproduce. The book sheds light into the lives of flamingoes by looking at questions as to where they come from, how they feed and how they reproduce. The book has been authored by Arnaud Bechet, head of the program o­n flamingoes at Tour du Valat, Alan Johnson his predecessor and Frank Cezilly, researcher in the University of Bourgogne.
You can read more o­n the film Crimson Wings in the press release of the film as well as on program for flamingoes of Tour du Valat o­n the website of Tour du Valat
The film will premiere in France o­n 17 December

Updated on 11/10/2008 4:02:38 PM.