World Wetlands Day 2009

The Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention has announced the theme of World Wetlands Day 2009 . Here are more details including an explanation o­n how this year’s theme carries a wealth of messages o­n the values of wetlands:

“It’s not too early to begin thinking about it. “Upstream – Downstream”. Wetlands connect us all. Our suggested theme for this year is river basins and their management. We all live in a river basin (or drainage basin, catchment, watershed, etc.), and most of the people reading this are well aware of the challenges of managing it – and particularly the challenge of making sure that the basin planners think of wetlands and not just water in their planning.

We hope that WWD this year, 2 February 2009 or thereabouts, will be an opportunity for people to look around at their own wetland and its interconnections with the environment around it – how the wetland benefits the surroundings and, of course, how activities throughout the river basin may affect their wetland.

Source: website of the Ramsar Convention

Updated on 8/26/2008 9:02:17 AM