Visit of MedWet Coordinator to SPNL – Lebanon

A meeting was held between the MedWet Coordinator Adnan Budieri and the  Society for Nature Protection in Lebanon (SPNL)
during the Coordinator’s visit to Lebanon o­n  23-28 March 2008.

At the meeting a number of issues regarding the collaboration of MedWet and the SPNL were discussed including the need to strengthen cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of Lebanon, the development of an update of the wetland inventory of Lebanon and the production of a publication about the inventory, the strengthening of the MedWet NGO network with SPNL as a strong partner in this effort, collaboration between MedWet and SPNL in a communications project linked to the World Conservation Congress of IUCN in Barcelona aimed to raise awareness about the value of wetlands and the coastal zones of the Mediterranean.

At the meeting participants undertook initial discussions o­n a proposed cooperation between ARocha Lebanon, SPNL and the Lebanese Ministry of Environment to develop a project to enhance environmental management of the Beqaa Valley.

SPNL recently participated in a MedWet project aimed to build capacity of Mediterranean NGOs in wetland conservation. Titled Twinning of MedWet with SPNL and RSCN for capacity building the project created a  twinning partnership between MedWet, SPNL and the Royal Society for Nature Conservation in Jordan to transfer expertise from MedWet towards the targeted NGOs.

Follow this link to read more about the MedWet project Twinning of MedWet with SPNL and RSCN for capacity building

Director General of SPNL Mr Assad Serhal plans to visit the MedWet Secretariat in Athens, Greece and meet with high level officials of the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works as well as with partner NGOs in late May.

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