World Wetlands Day 2008 in Athens: film screening launched by MedWet and Elliniki Etairia on 20 February

The MedWet Secretariat, the Athens based NGO Elliniki Etairia are launching a celebration for World Wetlands Day in Athens. Featuring a screening with films o­n water and wetlands the event will take o­n 20 February in the premises of the Elliniki Etairia.

The programme for World Wetlands Day features the following films:
Mediterranean, sea of men, Stephane Begoin, 1998, 26’
Village of mist, Georges Trivino, Nina Beliaeva, 1996’, 12’
From the Gulf to Kurdistan, tears of Mesopotamia, 1998, 60’
Exploring the mother of Waters, Mick  O’Shea, 44’
Water Front, Liz Miller, USA, 2007, 52’
The Water Bearer, Pascal Gelinas, Canada, 52’

The first three of the films listed above are included in the educational series ‘Stories about water’ produced in 2007 by the MedWet Secretariat in collaboration with the French Institute of Athens. Composed of films covering a range of topics about water ‘Stories of water’ is the first audio-visual educational material jointly produced by the MedWet Secretariat and the IFA and has met with considerable success.

The film event takes place within the annual Festival of Cinema on Ecology organised every Wednesday through February 2008 by Elliniki Etairia.

The celebration of World Wetlands Day on 20 February  is realised with the support of the French Institute of Athens, the Rodos ecofilms international films + visual arts festival, Storyteller as well as film directors who provided permission for screening of their film.

Updated on 1/29/2008 2:29:46 PM.