The public transport system of Athens and MedWet raise awareness for World Wetlands Day

Starting on 25 January the electric cars servicing the city of Athens run a message o­n World Wetlands Day. Launched  by the MedWet Secretariat and the public transport company TRAM SA this  awareness raising activity aims to sensitize the public about the value of wetlands.
With 60.000 passengers travelling o­n the fleet of electric cars o­n average per day  this is an awareness raising activity that can have a significant impact. Moreover the variety of social groups travelling o­n the electric car system ensures that the message is received across a wide range of audiences.

Showing a fisherman at work in the Ramsar site of lake Prespa, South-East Balkans. the image highlights that healthy wetlands produce food and contribute to healthy people which is the message for World Wetlands Day 2008.
The campaign sor World Wetlands Day in the electric car system will run for 19 days between 24 January – 12 February.

Sponsored by TRAM SA

Photo credit: Sofia Spirou

Updated on 1/29/2008 2:30:59 PM.