Republic of Serbia adds two new Ramsar sites

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, with the assistance of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, has designated two new Ramsar sites with the effective date of 20 November 2007 — both nominations were announced at World Wetlands Day celebrations in Novi Sad in February 2007. Gornje Podunavlji (22,480 hectares, 45°45’N 018°57′ E) is a marsh complex along the Danube River that is part of a natural unity with the Gemenc and Kopacki Rit Ramsar sites in Hungary and Croatia respectively. Vlasina (3,209 hectares, 42°42’N 022°21’E) comprises, along with the surrounding countryside, the reservoir Vlasinsko, which at the time of its creation in 1949 inundated what was thought to be the largest peat bog in the Balkans and o­ne of the largest in Europe.

Serbia now has 8 Ramsar sites covering a total of 53,714 hectares. Some photo pages prepared by the Institute, with brief descriptions of the two sites prepared by Ramsar’s Monica Zavagli, can be found on the website of the Ramsar Convention- Gornje Podunavlji first, followed by Vlasina.

Source: website of the Ramsar Convention

Updated on 1/31/2008 12:18:09 PM.