LIFE and wetlands of Europe – restoring a vital ecosystem

The LIFE-Focus brochure “LIFE and Europe’s wetlands – restoring a vital ecosystem“ is now available o­nline o­n the website of the LIFE programme, an EU Financial Instrument for the Environment. The print version can be ordered free of charge at OPOCE from the end of January 2008. For further details consult the “Ordering publications” page.

The brochure illustrates to what extent the LIFE programme has been contributing to a large number of projects supporting the conservation of wetland ecosystems within the Natura 2000 network. It presents a selection of LIFE wetland projects which have received LIFE co-funding since 1992. The majority of case studies focus o­n the restoration and management of wetlands, while a number also target key wetland species.

Download the brochure here

Source: Monique BRAEM, Assistant , Astrale GEIE – Communication Team

Updated on 1/17/2008 1:30:14 PM.