Wings over Wetlands Project: first Regional Training Board meeting in the Middle East. Amman, Jordan, 10-11 November 2007

The first meeting of the Middle East Sub-Regional Training Board was held o­n the 10th  and 11th  of November in Amman, Jordan in the framework of the UNEP/GEF  project “Wings Over Wetlands (WOW): Enhancing Conservation of the critical network of sites required by Migratory watrbirds o­n the African/Eurasian flyways (AEWA)”. (for details o­n the project click here)

MedWet, represented by its Interim Coordinator, Dr Dionyssia Hatzilacou, was invited to participate in the Training Board, to explore the possibilities to build synergy with WOW, given MedWet’s expertise in training and capacity building activities in wetland conservation and management in the Mediterranean region.

The project, which is led by Wetlands International (WI) and BirdLife International (BLI), is carried out in four sub-regions: Central Asia/Caucasus States, the Middle East, Eastern Africa and Western Africa and will end in July 2011. It aims to assist countries to take measures to improve the conservation status of critical wetland areas required by birds during migration and at their wintering grounds.  o­ne of these measures is the development of Training and Awareness Raising Programmes for the sub-region, while trainings will be vested within existing training institutes/centres to enhance their relevance at sub-regional, national and local level.

The Middle East Sub-Regional Training Board will consist of not more than 12 members representing the main regional stakeholders (countries, NGOs, Ramsar Training Center in Iran, MedWet). It is a forum overseeing the development of the Training and Awareness Raising Programme for the Middle East, assuring its quality and relevance. Its main tasks will be: to review and approve the working sub-regional Training and Awareness Raising Programme; to work with the Project Coordination Unit and the Project lead contractors (WI and BLI) to mobilise resources for Programme implementation; to monitor Training and Awareness Raising Programme progress; and to evaluate the Training and Awareness Raising Programme’s success.


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