Now online: Documents of the Third Meeting of the MedWet Steering Group, Frascati, Italy 25 June 2007

The MedWet Steering Group held its third meeting o­n June 25 at Frascati Italy. The delegates largelly focussed o­n operational MedWet issues. At the end of the meeting a provisional Forecast Budget for the MedWet Secretariat was presented.

Furthermore, the STGR acknowledged receiving the Expenditures Statement of 1/1/2007-17/6/2007 and requested a statement of dues owed for the same period in order to be informed of current outstanding obligations of the Secretariat.

The Meeting Report and Draft Agenda are available.


The MedWet Steering Group was established following the decision of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee in its Extraordinary Meeting, Tirana, Albania 11-12 June 2006.  MedWet relies o­n the Steering Group to take operational decisions and solve problems in the implementation of the Commitee’s decisions between its meetings. O­ne representative of each of the regions of Africa, Middle East and Europe is appointed to serve for three years at a time as member of the Group.

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