MedWet co-organised Fim Screening in Greece a big success

The screening of the award-winning film ” Rain is Falling” at the cinema o­n the Greek island of Aegina was a big success the cinema’s manager Titina Kanella said.

Kanella pointed out that close to 180 people attended the screening o­n August 27, while o­n a busy evening the cinema attracts an average of about 150 spectators.

The film provided to cinema Titina for the event, by MedWet, is the story of a Moroccan girl who is trying to save her mother in a time when all borders of ethnic, religious and cultural differences are being questioned. Through the experiences of the girl, Rain is Falling encourages dialogue between the worlds of strangers.

The screening was part of a series of awareness raising events organised by the Aegina municipality and the island’s Cinema Club. A speech o­n the Ramsar Convention and MedWet’s work preceded the film.

Kanella said the audience was visibly touched by the movie. “The simplicity, the artistic direction, the photography and imagery, the leading character, the music and the lack of words, and of course the subject itself made a real impression o­n the audience who applauded for a long time after the film ended.”


Updated on 11/28/2007 11:25:13 AM.