JOIN THE COAST DAY CAMPAIGN – October 24th 2007 Coast Day is a unique event in the Mediterranean. It aims to raise awareness of policy makers and the public o­n the value of the coast and o­n the necessity of using an integrated approach in managing the coastal area.

Coast Day is a celebration of life o­n the coast. It is a day dedicated to the protection of natural coastal environment and its interaction with human culture and socio-economic activities. This day is dedicated to celebration of the beauty of the coasts: the coast as a home to half of the world’s population and as a vacation destination to most of the tourists; the coast as a source of inspiration, creation and as an important stake for the well-known “coastal life style”. Finally, Coast Day is dedicated to the vision of the future coasts we want. This day is an opportunity to remind everyone of the necessity of integrated planning and management for the sustainable development of the coasts.

The campaign is carried out by UNEP-MAP PAP/RAC The launch of the Coast Day is planned for October 24th, in Mediterranean countries.

Afterwards, the intention is that Coast Day spreads into other countries and that lives o­n in the years to come.

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In Athens a screening event is to take place o­n October 24 at Elliniki Etairia, Tripodon 28, Plaka. The screening, which is co-hosted by UNEP-MAP, MedWet, the French Institute in Athens and Elliniki Etairia,  begins at seven pm and lasts approximately three hours. It is free to the public and all are welcome!

Here is the detailed programme of the documentaries to be screened
(Note that all the films are in French with Greek subtitles)

1.Power and water from antiquity to the Mid-Ages (50mns)
The distribution of water has been used as a power tool since ancient times. The film explores how cities and empires were built o­n the basis of their proximity to water and wars were fought over its control.

2.From the Gulf to Kurdistan the tears of Mesopotamia (60mns)
Following the course of the rivers Tigris and Eufrates the film is a journey into the history of the lands that the rivers pass through.

3.The Mediterranean, a sea of Men (26mns)
Climate change, the superexploitation of energy resources, the fast urbanization and industrialization of the Mediterranean are unbalancing the area’s ecosystem. The documentary looks into alternatives of what can be done to change this alarming reality.

4.Rhodes and the islands without water (12mns)
Water shortage is a common problem in many of the Greek islands. The film shows every day life in addressing the issue and makes the point that things will o­nly get worse unless measures are taken. 

5.The water diviner of the sea (26mns)
Fishermen in the ports around Provence in France have a precious secret: the existence of a freshwater spring whose water reaches the sea. The documentary focuses o­n how at a time of serious water shortages worldwide the knowledge of how to best utilize such resources becomes imperative. 

For more details please contact Elinda Labropoulou at the Information Office of the MedWet Secretariat at 210-8089270, 

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