First Mediterranean Coast Day launched with awareness raising screening event

In Athens a screening event marking the first Coastal Day took place on October 24.

Here is the detailed programme of the documentaries screened:

1.Power and water from antiquity to the Mid-Ages (50mns)
The distribution of water has been used as a power tool since ancient times. The film explores how cities and empires were built o­n the basis of their proximity to water and wars were fought over its control.

2.From the Gulf to Kurdistan the tears of Mesopotamia (60mns)
Following the course of the rivers Tigris and Eufrates the film is a journey into the history of the lands that the rivers pass through.

3.The Mediterranean, a sea of Men (26mns)
Climate change, the superexploitation of energy resources, the fast urbanization and industrialization of the Mediterranean are unbalancing the area’s ecosystem. The documentary looks into alternatives of what can be done to change this alarming reality.

4.Rhodes and the islands without water (12mns)
Water shortage is a common problem in many of the Greek islands. The film shows every day life in addressing the issue and makes the point that things will o­nly get worse unless measures are taken. 

(Source: MedWet)