Conference on Protecting Africa and the Mediterranean against the impacts of climate change, Tunis 18-20 November 2007

In response to the major environmental and socio-economic challenges, which are currently high o­n the international agenda, and with a view to contributing to international efforts aimed at raising awareness o­n the impacts of climate change, o­n 18–20 November 2007 the Government of Tunisia in cooperation with UNEP/MAP will host an international conference o­n climate change impacts and the identification of an adaptation strategy for the African Continent and the Mediterranean region.

The conference will also publish the “Tunis Declaration for an international solidarity aimed at protecting Africa and the Mediterranean region against the adverse effects of climate change”. In addition, a concrete Plan of Action will be proposed for setting priority adaptation projects for governments, enterprises and civil society.

Both the Tunis Declaration and the Plan of Action will be presented at the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention o­n Climate Change (COP13) that will take place in Bali o­n 3–14 December 2007.

Despite the increasing interest accorded to climate change at the world level, international mobilization and action for vulnerable developing countries are still insufficient and are not up to the challenges posed by this global phenomenon.

The organization of this Conference, which will be placed under the high patronage of the President of the Tunisian Republic, Mr Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has received active support from the Government of Netherlands and several international and regional organizations, such as the World Forum for Sustainable Development, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), the African Development Bank, the Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP), the French Development Agency, the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), the World Bank and several African sub-regional organisations and countries.

For further information about the Conference please contact:
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
General Direction of Environment and Quality of Life
T. +216 70728679
Fax +216 70728595

For information about accomodation:
T. +216 71785727
Fax +216 71786299

(Source: UNEP/MAP)

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