Conference on Horizon 2020 and Private Investor Involvement

Conference o­n “Horizon 2020” and Private Investor Involvement
Athens, Greece, 22-23 October 2007

The role and ways to enhance the involvement of private investors in Horizon 2020 will be discussed at the related Conference, 22-23 October 2007, to be held in Athens, Greece.

Reference to the Conference has been made in the Cairo Ministerial Declaration (November 20th, 2006), where the Euro-Mediterranean Ministers of Environment notably “urge banks, other financial institutions and Clean Tech Venture Capital Funds to participate in this endeavour”. Investments are in particular expected in the urban and industrial waste water treatment and waste management sectors, which are the most crucial for tackling land-based pollution in the Mediterranean.

The objective of the Conference is to gather key-players involved in the Horizon 2020 initiative to explore the ways of involving the private sector in support of the initiative.

Th Conference is organized by GWP-Med and MIO-ECSDE, jointly with the European Partners for Environment (EPE), the Institut Mediterraneen de l’Eau (IME) and MedCities.

For further information, please find below a short announcement of the Conference (document to be downloaded).

Source: website of Global Water Partnership

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