MedWet_CODDE Technical Workshop, Estonia 8-10 October

The October 8-10th MedWet_Codde Technical Workshop will be held in Estonia.

It’s aim is to find solutions to a number of key issues. To best achieve this it is divided in sessions.

Main objectives o­n the October 8 agenda will include the presentation and circulation of the revised MedWet Volumes, the time and effort involved and the practical solutions for the delivery of the Revised Manual and the setting up of an editor Committee.

Other key issues o­n the first day’s agenda will be to show how gathered wetland data is stored in the MedWet /WIS , while harmonization procedures, as well as how data providers could get involved in data harmonization will be discussed.

Objectives for the October 9 sessions will include the presentation of the MedWet/WIS and relevant partners remarks o­n its use. Another priority will be to present the MedWet data protocol and identify two countries or regions that could be interested in commenting o­n it.

Issues to also be discussed o­n that day are the finalising of the leaflet texts the listing of candidate trainees and Closing Conference attendants as well as the presentation of a first draft of the final CD ROM.

The third and final day, October 10 will be dedicated to a Steering Group meeting.


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