6th Technical workshop and Steering Group meeting of the MedWet-Reseau CODDE project, 8-10 October 2007, Estonia

From 8 to 10 of October 2007 the 6th technical workshop and Steering Group meeting of the MedWet- Reseau CODDE project took place at Tartu (Estonia).

The partners of the project (MedWet Secretariat, EKBY, TdV, ARPAT, ICN and University of IGUT) had a contributive discussion o­n the progress concerning the development of the new MedWet tools for wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring including also the protocol o­n the access rights to the MedWet Web Information System and the organization of training courses and conference aiming to capacity building and dissemination of the MedWet tools.

In 2005, MedWet  launched the “MedWet information and knowledge network for the sustainable development of wetland ecosystems (MedWet/CODDE)” project under the EU INTEREG IIIC programme (2005-2007), in order to provide tools that will assist decision-making o­n regional development activities. During the project, the MedWet inventory method has been upgraded, incorporating Water Framework Directive requirements, the Pan-Mediterranean Wetland Inventory, remote sensing techniques, and a new o­nline Web Information System.


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