New online:Documents of the Fourth Meeting of the MedWet Steering Group, Frascati, Italy, 28 June 2007

The MedWet Steering Group held its fourth meeting o­n June 28 in Frascati Italy. The STGR approved unanimously that Mr Oliviero Montanaro be re-elected as Chair of the STGR.

Mr. Montanaro accepted the nomination. Therefore, Mr Montanaro, the European Regional Representative, is the new STGR Chair for the three-year period.

The appointment of two members to the MedWet Association Governing Board followed as did the announcement of an opening for a new MedWet co-ordinator.

A forecast budget for 2007 was also presented along with a statement of expenditures from 01/01/07 until 17/06/07 and outstanding obligations of the same period. A draft provisional budget for 2008 was then supplied for comparison purposes of the end of year balance of 2007. A number of suggestions followed.

To read those click o­n  Meeting Report and Draft Agenda 


The MedWet Steering Group was established following the decision of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee in its Extraordinary Meeting, Tirana, Albania 11-12 June 2006.  MedWet relies o­n the Steering Group to take operational decisions and solve problems in the implementation of the Commitee’s decisions between its meetings. O­ne representative of each of the regions of Africa, Middle East and Europe is appointed to serve for three years at a time as member of the Group.

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