Serbia designates two new Ramsar sites

The Ramsar Secretariat is extremely pleased to announce that the Republic of Serbia has designated two new Wetlands of International Importance, Labudovo okno (3,733 hectares, 44°48’N 021°18’E) in Vojvodina along the Danube River and Pestersko polje (3,455 hectares, 43°05’N 002°07’E) in the karst region in the southwest of the country. Serbia now has six Ramsar sites, covering a surface area of 28,025 hectares. Ramsar’s Dorothea August has prepared brief descriptions of the two site based o­n the RIS information supplied by the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection  – these can be seen here, along with links to photographs of both sites.

Source: website of the Ramsar Convention

Updated on 1/31/2007 5:24:05 PM.