Call for papers extended: Managing water resources to meet ecosystem needs

3rd regional workshop o­n water management, March 2007, Zaragoza, Spain

The date for submission of papers for the  regional workshop o­n Water for Sustainable Development, organised jointly by the UNEP – Mediterranean Action Plan, Blue Plan Regional Activity Center and MedWet  has now been extended to 11 December.  Scheduled to take place in Zaragoza  March 2007, Spain the workshop will serve as input towards the Water Tirbune – Innovation for sustainable Development to take place in the EXPO, 14 June – 14 September , Zaragoza Spain.

Aims of the workshop

Between 50 and 100 participants are likely to attend: water directors, the expert authors of the national reports, members of the MCSD, experts representing regional institutions, donors and lenders, local authorities, agricultural organisations, businesses, NGOs who have put forward papers accepted by the scientific committee. It is the subject of this call for papers.

The workshop aims:

to take stock of progress with implementing the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development, adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean sea against pollution;

to take more detailed stock of progress o­n Water Demand Management (WDM): indicators and comparative water use performances (transport, distribution and use efficiency)???, identifying actual examples of good practices, analysis of policy instruments implemented and obstacles encountered;

to enable a regional sharing of experiences;

to propose ways to speed up the mainstreaming of WDM across water, environmental and development policies (especially agricultural policies) and regional and bilateral co-operation, develop and implement efficiency plans, and improve the system for monitoring/evaluating progress o­n water and sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

The outcome of the  A policy overview report based o­n the workshop outcomes will be produced in 2007.

Medwet has been invited to organise the working group o­n water needs of ecosystems, o­ne of the five thematic groups cotrnibuting towards the workshop.

Content and format of papers

You are invited to submit papers focusing o­n managing water resources to meet ecosystem needs, o­ne of the five priority issues to be addressed by the workshop.

The papers must inform about practical examples of progress (good practices) o­n water demand management in the Mediterranean, examples of savings and/or efficient use of agricultural, urban or industrial water (efficiency plans, projects, policies, etc.), examples of good traditional practices, examples of allocation trade-offs, examples of implementation tools for better use of water, examples of integrated management of groundwater or catchment areas including water demand management objectives and/or resource and ecosystem preservation (quantities and quality), examples of bilateral, sub-regional or regional co-operation projects. Papers focusing o­n other regions may also be considered provided their relevance to the Mediterranean is highlighted.

The documented case studies may therefore be local, national or co-operative.

Papers must elaborate o­n:

the sustainable development aspects,

the history of the project, the reasons why certain measures were taken to improve the situation in sustainable development terms, the partners involved,

the policy instruments deployed that delivered improvements in the situation,

the problems encountered, any causes of failure, obstacles yet to be overcome,

the outcomes achieved in terms of sustainable development (environmental and/or social and economic outcomes),

the conclusions to be drawn from this example for the Mediterranean.

Selection of papers and deadline

Abstracts of proposed papers must reach Plan Bleu before 11 December 2006. They will be reviewed by the regional workshop scientific committee.


Paper presenters will be re-imbursed for their cost of participation to the workshop. Authors of papers selected for the overview report to be produced will be invited to participate to the workshop but their cost of participation will not be covered.  Contact for sending the proposals for papers

 The proposed papers should be transmitted to Mr. Mohammed BLINDA, programme Officer of  water, Plan Bleu before July 15, 2006, by fax, email or express mail. PLAN BLEU – Regional Activity Centre Mediterranean Action Plan

15, rue Beethoven – Sophia-Antipolis

F-06560 Valbonne – France

Phone: +33 4 92 38 71 30           Fax: +33 4 92 38 71 31

Mail:  with copy to and

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