Croatia completes wetland inventory project

The Croatian State Institute for Nature Protection (SINP) carried out a comprehensive wetland inventory to create a reference database for further planning and protected area designation use. This project accomplished for the first time a comprehensive overview of Croatian wetlands identifying 3883 individual sites. Altogether 390,885 hectares of wetland habitats and 56,516 km of watercourses and sea coastline were recorded to correspond to the Ramsar criteria. The biggest area concerns eight complex sites. These are large wetlands, mostly situated in floodplains of large rivers such as Sava, Drava, Danube, Kupa and Neretva. The biggest number of sites belongs to the categories of ponds and springs with an overall rather small area. The most important indicator is that wetlands cover about 6.9% of the Croatian territory.

Source : website of the Ramsar Convention

Updated on 10/19/2006 3:05:53 PM.