Turkey adds one coastal and two inland sites to the Ramsar List

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, o­n behalf of the government of the Turkish Republic, has designated three new Wetlands of International Importance. Of two new sites o­n the Central Anatolian plateau, Kizören Obrouk an archaeological restricted area, is a good example of an Anatolian “obrouk”, a deep freshwater (groundwater) lake formed in a karstic depression. Also in the Konya district of Central Anatolia, Meke Maar comprises a caldera and crater lake in a volcanic mass with typically acidic water that permits no aquatic life in or near it. o­n the southern coast, Yumurtalik Lagoons  comprises the whole of the alluvial delta formed by several rivers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with a broad array of freshwater and coastal habitat types.  Turkey now has 12 Wetlands of International Importance, covering an area of 179,482 hectares.

Further details o­n all three of these interesting new Ramsar sites can be seen o­n the website of the Ramsar Convention.

Source: Website of the Ramsar Convention

Updated on 5/22/2006 4:17:10 PM.