New on this website: The MedWet Inventory Methodology

The MedWet Inventory Methodology publications are now available o­n the resource center of the MedWet website. Developed jointly by the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza of Portugal and Wetlands International, together with the assistance of a number of other agencies and partners, they capture results of activities undertaken under the first phase of MedWet.

The Methodology has been developed to address extremely diverse nature of the Mediterranean region as well as differences in the resources available to conduct inventories of wetlands. Throughout attention was paid to build o­n existing expertise and techniques yet to develop methods which will provide useful tools for analyzing conditions that apply in the region.

The MedWet Methodology includes a Manual for Mediterranean wetland inventories, and a suite of publications o­n inventorying tools. Visit the publications section to Manual and tools

Volume I
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual explains the inventory process and provides a basic introduction to each of the inventory tools

Volume II
Mediterranean wetland Inventory: Data recording presents the inventory datasheets and their Guidelines

Volume III
Mediterranean Wetland Invenotry: Habitat Description System explains the MedWet sustem for describing habitats and gives guidelines for its application

Volume IV
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Photointerpretation and Cartographic Conventions describes the MedWet mapping conventions

A MedWet database software to store information o­n wetlands as well as a manual o­n its use completed the set of tools composing the MedWet Invenotry Methodology.

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