Technical session on culture and knowledge in wetland management at the Ramsar CoP9, 8-15 November 2005, Kampala, Uganda

A technical session o­n culture and knowledge in wetland management was held in the framework of the 9th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention o­n wetlands, 8-15 November 2005, Kampala, Uganda. Opened by the Secretary Generla of the convention, the session included presentations by world regions addressing the issue of cultural information related to the management of wetlands as well as the state of knowledge of information regarding ecological but also socio-economic resources of wetlands. The panel of speakers was composed of Thymio Papayannis, introducing work carried out by Med-INA, native community representatives introducing Aboriginal cultural values related to wetlands in Australia,
Dr Sansanee Choowaew focusing o­n wetlands, sustainable livelihoods and social wellbeing in Thailand, Monica Herzig emphasizing  diversity of cultural traditions of Mexico and their relation to wetlands and Maria José Vinãls Blasco, presenting an outline of progress in the incorporation of cultural values in wetland management in the Mediterranean. Closing the session, Doug Taylor, repprted back from an earlier side event o­n knowledge and information for wise use of wetlands.

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