Project MedWet SUDOE, Inventorying, assessment and monitoring for wetland management

Developing inventorying tools that allow managers to access the state of wetlands is among the main services provided by MedWet. The results of the SUDOE project, aimed at developing an information system to support wetland inventorying are now released in a cd-rom.

A major aid in disseminating results of the two year project, the cd-rom compiles a wealth of resources, including eight manuals o­n among others the collection of data, o­n the MedWet classification system for wetlands, o­n inventorying cultural values of wetlands and cartography, an illustrated guide of aquatic plants of Portugal as well as publications o­n the management of eight wetland sites accross Portugal and Spain.

Also included in the cd-rom is an educational guide to the lagoon of Albufeira ‘Já ouviste fallar na Lagoa de Albufeira?. Written accessibly the booklet provides an excellent illustrated guide to among others the nature of wetlands and to the benefits they provide, the global Ramsar network, and major plants and animals of the lagoon.

Additionaly, the cd-rom contains a brief presentation of a photographic exhibition o­n ‘Les Marejals de la Safor’ as well as two brochures produced by the project.

 The cd-rom and publications are mostly available in Spanish and Portugese. Also available in English are the technical manuals o­n the MedWet system for classification of habitats and o­n the inventorying of cultural values.

 For more information including contact persons regarding the MedWet SUDOE project you can visit the website of the project

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